Friday, August 7, 2009

dying is quite fine

Heeeeeeeeeeeeey, brother. So once again, it's about that time of month. Blog time!

What have we here? Yes, I just finished up my 10-week experience labbing it up with the BME department, and I've just returned to my home-sweet-home up here in the good ol' Midwest. Speaking of traveling, I am BEYOND FREAKING EXCITED for Dresden in the spring. The other day I was googling "top 10 places to visit in Europe" and I am FREAKING OVERWHELMED by how much stuff I want to do and how many countries I want to explore. I have approximately two weeks to travel the continent as I please, and I know I definitely want to make stops in France(!), Italy, Spain, and obviously Germany. How many countries can we get through in two weeks? Apparently we might also go to England and/or Croatia. Possibly. SO EXCITED!

However, I don't want to run willy-nilly all over Europe and see too many places without stopping to really enjoy them. That gives us a little bit of a limit here. But I was talking to my parents about it today and they said that maybe I should just take the entire summer off and stay a few weeks there after my semester is over, just so I can relax and travel at my own pace. I might need people to join me though... any takers?

So yeah, this is a picture of the Plitvice lakes in Croatia... doesn't it look AMAZING? Blagh I am dying inside just looking at it.

Now go to this website:
Scroll down and click on "Details" for any of the three dorms listed. Do this OR ELSE. Then click on the "Photos & Plans" tab and take a virtual tour! Then tell me if it does not look absolutely awesome (especially if you have ever lived in Warren Towers).

In other news: I went to this free concert last weekend; it was the Best Music Poll: Boston edition. So a lot of people were there, including Passion Pit and Metric. But also there was Ra Ra Riot, whose song "Dying is Fine" became quite a hit with me. Let's just say it tickled me pink. Listen!


  1. haha i love how stoked you are for dresden. i remember swathi saying that a lot of kids just decided to stay in europe for the rest of the summer and go sightseeing and whatnot. if we don't cover everything during sb'10 (hahaha) which is very likely, mayhaps we can convince our parents to let us stay. twould be awesomely epic!! and with three european languages up our sleeve combined, we're good to go :)

  2. haha that sounds awesome angie! hopefully sb10 works out