Thursday, August 20, 2009

a day in the life.

It's a good day to let go of the past. As it so happens, my computer died again several times today and I was required to restore partitions of the hard drive that I had backed up a few months ago... and as a result, I am now deprived of the AIM logs that having been saving themselves for the past few months, waiting to be reread again by my eager eyes. Yes, they will be sorely missed. Yes, I use these logs to refresh my memory on conversations that have been had, and even more often use the contents of these logs as ammo in further arguments. Bad, I know.

It was actually kind of pathetic how crappy I felt when I realized that they had all been deleted. Kind of like how I might feel if all of my Facebook pictures were erased... though I feel I would probably be a little more distraught about that... Ah, but it is indeed for the best. I need to turn my attentions away from what has been done and focus on what is being done and what will be done. In recovering from the loss of wisdom teeth recently removed, I've had a lot of time virtually alone in my house (if you don't count my brother) and have realized how utterly unproductive I am. However, I have made considerable progress in 1984 and am thoroughly enjoying it, I'm working out a lot (gotta work off that poundage) and also refining my musical tastes, and I'm taking a much-needed relaxation break. Still gotta learn German, refresh my programming skills, and see lots of people.

It has occurred to me, actually, how few people I have to see here. A few select personal friends here and there, some family friends, some Asians, and the tennis team. I guess I'm not really that close with too many people, at least not close enough to want to reacquaint myself with them for the duration of a couple hours only to not talk to them again throughout the course of the school year. C'est la vie. I'm all right with that.

AH. I've decided that I need to make more money somehow. 1. Europe. 2. I need to look super sexy this year so I can get some boys! Whoo! So yes, #2 involves giving my wardrobe a makeover. I wish I could be on What Not to Wear. Ah, how simple life would be. This is only partly a joke.

Bah, I can't wait to get back to Beantown. Life is so drab in Sloshkosh, where the only thing that ever changes is the "Flavor of the Day" at Culver's.

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